At Grab Guard®, we have a purse lock for every occasion: formal, casual, even a day at the beach. Let us show you how to fashionably secure your purse, lock backpacks while protecting your valuables and personal identity with Grab Guard. Remember which piece of luggage or backpack is yours? Use a brightly colored Grab Guard to quickly identify and later secure your backpack or luggage at the hotel. Black is fashionable for any occasion. Briefcase, laptop and motorcycle helmet security are each complemented using a black Grab Guard. Golf bags, snow skis and snowboards are items at high-risk for theft. No worries on the green or in the clubhouse if you secure your golf bag or other sports equipment with Grab Guard.


You can rely on Grab Guard to enhance brief case security while at the airport, visiting a customer, at the library or while enjoying coffee with a client. Off to the restroom with your little one? Use Grab Guard as a stroller lock to deter a thief intent on taking your stroller for a joy ride. Attending a buffet-style dinner? Secure purses securely to your chair; prevent others from unknowingly taking your coat or your umbrella from the cloak room, all with Grab Guard. Concerned about your luggage? Luggage security is a snap with Grab Guard. After pulling out the steel cable, loop the cable through one or more personal items and a securely anchored bench, post or other object.




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